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04:11 pm: My introduction.
Hello! I'm May, a native of Petalburg City in the Hoenn region. Ever since I was a little girl, I'd wanted to go off to traveling to far off places and just see the world. Well, I got to realize my dream at the age of ten when I was able to go on a Pokemon journey. However, I soon realized that training Pokemon wasn't my forte. I ended up becoming a Pokemon Coordinator, a person who enters contests that measure a Pokemon's various traits.

I used to travel with my little brother, but he kind of left to start his own adventure! Good luck, Max! :D

Brock and Ash were my friends... but I broke away from them after Max left. I guess our pathes diverged after that.

Anyway, I'll be logging my experiences in here! Hopefully, I can make lots of new friends on LJ! ^__^ See ya around, everyone!

-- May

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